What is Bad Seed Guitars all about?


“My original idea was to build a metal-body semi-hollow guitar with a one-piece neck-through design to ensure its tone would remain wooden if possible,”  says Currington.  “It worked so well and I’ve always dreamed of building guitars, so Metallica’s interest in me was all the encouragement I needed.”


“Bad Seed guitars have more attack, more resonance, and more sustain. The exotic materials aren’t just there for fashion—they are functional in every way,” he says.  “Bad Seed is also currently the only company in the world producing titanium guitars. That’s kinda cool, too!”


A semi-hollow Titanium or metal body and wooden neck-through design creates two chambers and a central wooden core that work in combination to create this fantastic sound and superior strength.  From a professional musician to your weekend jammer, everyone will appreciate the music you can create with our guitars...and that is not just BS.  


Could this be the next level in beautiful modern handbuilt guitar design?

Bad Seed is proud to have teamed up with two amazing guitar stores in the USA!

To feel & hear the difference Titanium can bring to your music you can now go to either of these two epic locations:

Carter Vintage Guitars - Nashville                                       Audio Images Corp - San Francisco



If you've never tried a Bad Seed guitar for yourself head down and check one out. I'll bet you'll leave with cravings

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Proud Australasian Distributors of 920D Custom Wiring Kits

We use 920D Custom wiring exclusively in our guitars

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