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Bad Seed Guitars have some unique features that are not found in other guitars. (Patent Pending # 603274)
They are all made with a semi-hollow metal body, made of Titanium or Aircraft Grade Steel and all have a wooden neck-through neck. The end result is that these guitars are vibrant and exciting to play. They have a very wooden tone, but have a brilliant attack and note definition that leaves most guitars sounding muddy.
Bad Seed is constructing guitars using Titanium, which is a world first for guitars!
We are very excited to offer Titanium as our high end body material. This is a product that is second to none!
Titanium has superb tonal qualities that leave other metallic materials far behind.
Welcome to a new age of Custom Guitars... Bad Seed Titanium Guitars!

  • Full Metal TIG Welded Body. - Aircraft Grade Materials mean lighter and stronger

  • Custom Body Finishes - Clear Coated, Anodized or Custom Painted

  • Single Piece Neck-Through Construction - Single Piece, without any glue joints improves sustain and resonance. Neck-Through Construction improves Tone and Strength.

  • ​Integrated and smoothed Neck to Body Joint - Allows easier access to higher frets.

  • Body Integrated Controls - Allows “Flat Back” (no cover panel on rear face).

  • Highest Quality Components available on the market.

  • Matching Finish, Body to Head Plate

All components and specifications of these guitars are customizable. If you have an idea in mind feel free to contact us and ask about it.

Bad Seed is all about Freedom From Convention. If you can dream it up, we are keen to help make it a reality.

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