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The Skulls, ahhh yes, the Skulls!
It's been an amazing journy for me building these cool guitars. Right from the first one I have had found some pretty cool friends along the way.
Whilst working in the Special Effects and Movie world here in New Zealand, on a film about creatures with large hairy feet, I met a character that could create fantasic miniatures. Together we chose to make this guitar and have some fun.
Built using Aircraft Grade steel, brusched to a satin grained appearance, I found a way to impregnate imagery into the surface of the clearcoat system. Once laid into the paint it takes on an almost 3D look and works so well with the full Skulls accessories found all throughout the instrument.
Finished with a Walnut neck, Ebony fretboard and Alnico II Pro Pickups this guitar is a well rounded player that is not too pushy, with just enough edge and articulation to find its place in the mix.
I hear a fast attack, balanced resonant tone and great long sustain all combined into this very unique custom instrument. Truly one of a kind.

Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and taking a look around.



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