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The DC Joe Custom, built for the man himself!

After the success of the first DC Chrome Bass I got the call to custom build another, this time with just a few styling changes in mind. It had to play as good as the first... No Problem...

This DC Joe bass was built to custom order, so together we took my original design for the DC Chrome and gave it a personalised touch. With a new headstock design and a simpler body styling we struck just the right combination. Its still got that big body, long neck and a triple chrome plating. Now we've added the EMG Thunderbird Pickups and the EMG BTS System for controls.

A Rosewood fretboard mated to a Mahogany neck feel and sound warm and very natual, and the EMG active pickups and BTS System allow for so much flexibility in tone. I cant get over the sustain that this bass has and when you want bite and punch, it's all there.

I hear a very natural sounding tone that can be shaped for any style.
Seeing is believing and hearing will convert you forever.


Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing our Custom Guitars.

DC Joe HS_edited.jpg


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