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Built on trusted classic design properties, mixed with modern materials and electronics, this guitar is sure to shock!

The EMG 85 in the bridge is so full sounding, its hard to believe! Switch to the neck pickup and you will find the EMG 60 matches perfectly... Either way you will find the fattest of warm clean tones or killer crunch on that flat out dirty channel. This beast has depth and breadth to the end!

Its built with full a Aircraft Grade steel body, Mahogany neck and Rosewood fretboard. I chose its satin black paint and chrome hardware to create a striking contrast, kinda like its tone, then I added a Bigsby B5 for some character. Oh, and check out that a-symmetric headstock design, cool huh!

I hear a slightly softer attack due to the B5, a solid bottom end and a nice thick upper end treble. This guitar looks and sounds big, because it is!

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