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The 2014 Collection

After a painstaking few months of planning, designing and building we have come up with a collection of six guitars and one bass that is sure to impress.

All are made from Titanium and make these guitars some of the most desirable not just in terms of materials but also in tonal qualities. We have refined the construction and design of these instruments employing new techniques that have given the life to the likes of our new Ti-5 bass with its unique design and fantastic sound quality.

Spend a little time and look around the models. There may just be the perfect match for your tastes here. Whatever style you like, or whatever genre of music you play don't miss this opportunity to share in what I have enjoyed building.

Each guitar is hand built by myself here in New Zealand blood sweat and sometimes even tears. To me that's what makes this range of 2014 guitars so much cooler than any other generic guitar. Each one is very personal and very collectible.

I really hope you like what I have built.

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