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This is a guitar with a little attitude!

It’s a Little Rude, it’s a Little Crude and its built for Blues!

Kinda feels like it was dragged out of the Swamp! I like guitars of old, so I picked a simple design that could take on a life of its own, and man did it do that

Built in acoustic style, but with a slim body like an electric, its easy to play. the rusted metal body is neutralised and clear coated so rust dont come off on ya. That Nickel surrounded sound hole is the perfect place to slip a very cool pickup like the Quarter Pound Jaguar.

When you first take a look at it you might not see any way to control this Swamp Thang, but look closely at the bridge and you can just spot the volume knob, right there by the high E string.

Guitars like this should be dealt too, not just played, so I loaded it with heavy 12 Gauge strings. Pick up a slide and man you should hear it Wail!

Thanks for "sinkin into the swamp" with Bad Seed and sharing.

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