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This is the very First Titanium Bass Guitar to be in production worldwide!

When I first built the Ti-5 Bass my mind was on something more 3 dimensional than anything I'd done before. In terms of body shape I chose something a little out of the ordinary, but not too radical, and then I aimed to slice it from different angles to find a 3D view from every way you approach it. Its sleek, ergonomic and really well balanced on the strap for such a lightwight 5-String body. The controls allow for Volume, Blend, Treble and Bass Boost & Cut and the pickups placement adds an EQ effect to enhance its tone further. This bass makes a statment for any genre of music!

A 3D shaped body and carefully contoured neck joint mean this is a truly comfortable instrument to hold and play. It's light and fast and has a wonderful array of tonal colours!

The pickup placement on this instrument is designed as an additional EQ feature. The EMG 40DC X pickups and BTS System are a perfect compliment.

Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing in our obsession.



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