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A simple guitar, packed with simple features!

Here is a unique guitar. Built to custom order with a twist. We wanted to build something kinda Rockabilly and I think we did just that. Spend a moment looking at the body and you'll see its a little fatter through the waistline, and that P90 and sound-hole speak for themselves. This is a guitar with both acoustic presence, and also plug in power!

With its Titanium semi-hollow body and Maple neck this guitar has plenty of top end on offer, but loses very little down low, especially once plugged into a good old valve amp that can make the P90 growl. Adding the Bigsby Vibrato was a nice touch and it somehow changes the attack, making it seem a little more mellow in character, that is until you really get going. The soundhole lets it breath a little and really changes the look.
We chose to finish the body of this guitar with the Titanium weld beads still showing around the edges. I think it adds a personality to it, with a new textured feel that cant be done with other materials... Why not show off such a cool construction?!?  The neck has a dark grey stain, rubbed back and aged, that's finished with a satin oil. It's smooth and soft to touch.

I hear Rockabilly oozing from this guitar all day long. Even unplugged its inspiring to play, in a different kind of way.

Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing our passion.



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