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The Ti-Teleium - where do I start with this one!

I love the look and feel of classic guitars, but I love modern materials just as much. This was my idea behind creating the Ti-Teleium. A guitar that mixed both classic design and modern technology. 

The well rounded classic neck profile and 9.5" radius fretboard give this guitar a sense of ease and playability. The 25.5" scale length and a twist on that flat, stepped headstock mean the Ti-Teleium has all the twang you have come to expect from this all time favourite style. What you may not expect is how fantastically light and warm it is too. 

When it comes to tone this guitar has twang and sparkle in the bridge pickup and a full round warmth in the neck pickup that will suprise any "T" fan. The mid position is the perfect compliment to both.

Titanium, Mahogany and Rosewood all combine into a deep blue mystery that is sure to impress even the total "T" purist. 

Thanks for your time with Bad Seed and sharing some of the things we love.



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