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This is one of the very First Titanium Guitars to be produced worldwide!

When I first built this TiLP it was just a cool idea to use Titanium to build an exotic guitar. What I didn't expect was such a truly beautiful instrument in terms of tone and feel. This guitar reacts to your playing like it is alive and pours out organic tone at every point of the fret board, but with a zing and edge that cuts through the mix like no other. I knew this guitar was going to be the first of many to come from Bad Seed, and this particular guitar now resides at in Santa Rosa California in the hands of a very special Bad Seed family member.


When it came to finishing this guitar I set it apart from the any other by adding custom Titanium capped EMG 57/66 pickups and with the sleek and modern classic appointments like the pickguard and tailpiece details.


I hear crisp attack, full resonance and great sustain all combined into this beautiful and unique instrument.


Thanks for taking the time to look around our Bad Seed website.

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