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The TiLP Aqua is one like no other!

I love living surrounded by the ocean, so I looked to it for inspiration. It has hews of the beautiful pacific in the body with stronger features such as the pickguard, tailpiece extension and truss rod cover that match the cool teals and soft purples of its amazing abalone shell inlays.

The Titanium semi-hollow body adds articulation and resonance, while 5 piece Mahogany/Maple striped neck tonewoods and Rosewood produce a rich warmth in this beautiful instrument. I highlighted its edges by adding a welded "beading" to it that can be felt as well as seen. A first for any exotic guitar! 

When it comes to tone this guitar, loaded with EMGs 57/66 pickups, can start out with prestine shimmering cleans and fat warmth, and go all the way to blistering and nasty edge. Its so versitle.

I hear a fast attack, balanced resonant sonics and great long sustain all combined into this modern yet classic custom instrument.


Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and enjoying our collection.



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