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The TiLP Black is a guitar with presence!


I love a guitar that has contrast and confidence. This one has it all. From the classic but modern appointments like the Ti pickguard and tailpiece extension to the beautiful Koa neck and Rosewood fretboard, this guitar takes control of the stage or the studio.


Titanium combined with the Koa wooden neck has given this guitar an interesting upper mid range tone that cuts through the mix so nicely. Rich in tone, light-weight and articulate in its attack, this guitar is a really nice mix of both organic and synthetic materials!


With passive electronics like Seymour Duncan's "Whole Lotta Humbuckers", CTS High Tolerance Pots, Sprague Cap, Switchcraft Switch and Jack I hear tone from crisp and cutting to warm, deep and mellow, with sustain that lasts forever.


A very useful instrument, whether its on stage or in the studio, you will love what the TiLP Black has to offer.


Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing our passion.



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