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I've always loved the sound of a P90 pickup!

When I see this TiLP I get a sense of simplicity. Its the singing clear tones of the P90 that are able to speak for themselves, and the added tone that Titanium brings to the front. The choice of Mahogany and Rosewood as tonewoods has given this instrument a really nice balanced feel and playability, while its basic features offer a true players experience.

This guitar can sound very tele-esque when plucked, or it can be big and rich when played just right. Its a very playable combination that has so much expression and the Double Cut offers a great styling difference.

When finishing this guitar I chose a cloudy blue to remind me of a blue sky and just tung oiled the neck to let it show its beautiful open grain. The satin chrome appointments, the vintage voiced P90 and the basic controls all let the player get on with business.

I hear full warmth and great clarity all combined into this balanced and simple instrument.

Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing our passion.

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