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The TiLP Joe Custom.  Joe's second bass with a few twists!

Once Joe got his hands on his very own Bad Seed DC Chrome Bass I visited him in Cali. While with him he asked if I could do something really special and custom build another. This time with a Titanium body, Joe's personal head design and a shorter 30" scale. It had to be moody...

With this custom build Joe wanted to be really involved with the specs, so he listed his personal favorite tones for me to aim for. Cheap Trick was really high on the list of bass tones, and he told me he loved the feel of a oiled 30" scale. We talked about custom pickups with Titanium covers and spacings. This matched to a TiLP, slightly oversized body, to keep things balanced and Joes signature head design gave me a spec I could really have some fun with.

A 30" scale Ebony fretboard seated against a five-piece striped Wenge/Ebony neck give a truly organic experience, with a nice full bottom end and tight mids, and the one-off Benson Custom humbucking pickups in unique placements with blend control expand the tone options just the way Joe wanted.

This moody looking bass is really nicely balanced both physically and tonally and clearly is a one of a kind! It can sound twice the size it really is.

Thanks for being involved with Bad Seed and enjoying our Custom Guitars and Basses.



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