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This is one very different TiLP!


Working closely with a good freind of the Bad Seed Family we built this guitar just the way he wanted it. We talked about resonator guitars, but with a twist, and this is what slowly evolved out of our time together.


We paid particular attention to the tone we could make out of snappy tonewoods like Maple and Ebony and then we combined that quick response with the fuller neck placement for the vintage wound P90 pickup. At first I wasnt sure what would come of this combination but we created a simple guitar with amazing sustain and touch response. We both couldn't be happier.


The gloss black Titanium body is fronted with brushed Stainless Steel in a custom design. Hard rock maple is the neck wood and ebony is there under your fingertips.


Sustain is the first thing that strikes me with this instrument, and a focused but yet balanced sound spectrum.


Thanks for supporting Bad Seed and enjoying what we do.



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