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The Ti Ripple Effect!

Experimenting with finishes is something I really enjoy doing, so I chose a Ripple finish coating for this guitar. Adding aged gold classic appointments in a modern way gives the guitar both a sense of aged styling and also modern presentation.

The Koa neck has some amazing deep colour with streaks of open grain and it sounds similar to Mahogany but with a slightly more focused midrange in this instrument. Separate volumes and a master tone control take care of balancing its natural tone and the passive pickups complement the guitars' natural acoustic personality beautifully.

Look closely at the finish on this one and you will notice the "Ripple" finish texture. Black and gold always work together nicely and the rich Koa colouring is right at home in this setting.


I hear in this guitar a strong midrange with full bottom end and the best note definition of any guitar, brought out by the Titanium body.


Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing our passion.



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