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A TiLP that is straight up!


Rock'n, not Stirred. This model is a simple and straight forward example of the much loved TiLP. Its a tone-rich Ti guitar that is built for the true player.


In creating the Ti body guitars I have found they have a very rich and full bottom end with a very broad sonic range. Adding the Maple neck to this guitar creates a sustain and response thats quite unique, and the Semi-Hollow nature adds a live and talkative character that I love about this style of instrument. This guitar comes to life as you engage in different techniques and playing styles. Whether its finger picking, soft melodic passages or just dirty grinding power chords, you will find tons of tone in this guitar. Straight up!


Finished in an anodized and "aged" look, you can be sure this guitar is ready for action. A super smooth Satin Tung oiled Maple neck, with a modern thin contour feels instantly at home in your hands.

Alnico II Pro pickups deliver a full sound with a nice attack and just the right amount of output to hear this guitar breath.


Thanks for spending time with Bad Seed and sharing in our obsession.



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